Thursday, April 3, 2014

An Italian Wood Fired Oven. No, MY Italian Wood Fired Oven

The forno oven, cosmetic work still to happen: dyed stucco, landscaping...
So, I build an oven. People call it a pizza oven. Sure, but a little limiting. Yes, spectacular pizza comes from this oven. It's an oven. What do you do in an oven? Bake, roast, create main courses, desserts, braises... Take for example:
Leg of Lamb

It was snowing, 20 degrees, I need two legs of lamb for a dinner party that evening.

Clay pot cooking is perfect for the oven. I take the temperature up to 700 degrees and in goes a Moroccan Tagine with a spicy chicken dish.

spicy chicken with apricots, rosemary and ginger

Or, an Azorean beef braise, Alcatra
a Columbian black clay Chamba
with braised short ribs (Alcatra)

And yes, bread

And Pizza

And so much more.
What began as a 6x7 foot hole in the ground in early August

and grew

With the help of my good buddy Mark and his sons Noah and Isaac.
The first pizza went in just after thanksgiving.

It will continue to grow and evolve
as the baking/roasting/braising continues. Stay tuned.

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