Sunday, May 5, 2013

Theme and Variations

Theme and Variations

If you've taken a cooking class from me, you know I'm always giving suggestions of how to make a recipe your own.

Recipe? After awhile, you can throw it out. Here are some cooking party possibilities that teach you a basic theme, then we begin coming up with the variations.

I've posted information about these classes/parties on my website:
Theme One:        Marinara sauce

We start with a basic tomato sauce recipe that includes tomatoes, onions, garlic and herbs. And then, we go to town.

               Sausage and ricotta sauce

               Olives, capers, and basil

               Mussels and parsley

               Baked Rigatoni

Theme Two:       Pesto

Summer food: basil, olive oil, grated cheese, pine-nuts. We can mix up the basic recipe and create:

               Walnut Basil

               Hazelnut Oregano

               Parsley Fresh tomato

Theme Three:     Pizza dough

fresh fig pizza
One recipe for the dough can have numerous possibilities including:

               Basic pizza margarita

               Grilled pizza (Yes, pizza on the grill. Here's how to do it.)

               Calzone (Endless possibilities, what's in your refrigerator?)

               Focaccia (Again, endless…)


Theme Four:       Dry Rubs for Grilled Chicken

We create a rub or two, spatchcock a chicken, then off to the grill or oven





Theme Five:        Risotto

Creamy Arborio rice with stock (numerous possibilities right THERE) and cheese

               Pancetta and Peas

               Roasted tomatoes


               Chicken and Arugula

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